Arohana Grameenabhivruddi Samsthe

Arohana is working towards Women empowerment, Environmental protection and development of Rural education at Kolar District, Karnataka.

About Us

Arohana Grameenabhivruddi Samsthe, Kolar District, Karnataka.

Helping women, children and deprived population lead better lives by uplifting them.

Arohana Grameenabhivruddhi organization was established on 17th December, 2018 in Minijenahalli, Mulabagilu Taluk, Kolar District and is registered under the Karnataka Society Act. It is a woman headed NGO in which all BOD’s are women, who have vast experience in rural development. Our organization mainly focuses on women empowerment and works towards it vigorously. We even provide basic education to the children of the rural areas and work towards the betterment of their future.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


To bring a huge diversity in empowering the rural women and to work towards the betterment of education being provided to the rural children.


To provide opportunities to the women who need to start their career or to restart their career by providing them employment opportunities and providing basic education to the rural children for their bright future.


Establishment of Soil Testing Lab

In coordination with Agriculture department Arohana established Soil Testing Lab. Arohana focuses on improvement of agriculture, farmers in rural area lack of awareness of technology, soil health and use of fertilizers and pesticides. So we established an soil testing lab to help farmers to understand the health of their soil and provides recommendations of fertilizers and pesticides respective to different crops.

World Environment Day Celebration at O Mittur Panchayat

Planting and distribution of saplings at Pichhaguntlahalli and Minijenahalli villages of O.Mittur Panchayath in collaboration with Biome Environmental Trust and Indian Oil Corporation. During this program mango, pomegranate, jamoon, amla and jackfruit saplings were distributed to 38 women for their home gardens and 750 saplings were planted. The program attended by Srinivas, Prakash IOCL officials, S Vishwanath of Biome Environmental Trust, Asha S of Arohana Grameenabhivruddhi Samsthe and villagers.

Our Activities


Rajakaluve Desilting in Kalkeere Lake, Minijenahalli

Minijenahalli is one of the village where most of the farmers are dependent on rain water and Lake water. We observed the Rajakaluve is silted and affecting the flow of water. Arohana taken initiative to de-silt 1000mts rajakaluve which helped farmers to effectively use lake water


Rain Water Harvesting Program

In Minijenahalli there are total 125 houses, out of which 58 houses have sump. Rest of them are using plastic tubs and water drums for water storage. In this village at present only water source is from overhead tank, in which most of the families will not get sufficient water for their basic needs. Borewell which supplies water to overhead tank often gets dried and the ground water level reached to minimum of 1500fts. By considering the water crisis Arohana Grameenabhivruddi Samsthe with the support of Mr.Vishwanath and Colleagues, gave awareness and discussed on benefits of rain water harvesting and thought of implementing it in every houses. As Arohana lacking with funds so decided to implement rain water harvesting in 8 selected houses/families who already have sump in their home and based on their water requirements. These 8 families selected based on the criteria that they should help neighbours with the water.

Mask Distribution to Containment Zones and Rural Police Station Mulbagal

Helping in prevention of pandemic situation Arohana initiated with distributing around 1000 Masks to 2 Containment Zones which is Bandahalli and Batlabavanahalli. Arohana provided masks to rural Police Station Mulbagal, to encourage Police department who engaged themselves in serving people even at this critical situation.

Mask Distributed to Minijenahalli residents

On consideration of pandemic situation, and to prevent COVID-19 which is entering into rural level. Arohana distributed around 100 masks to the residents of Minijenahalli, Mulbagal (Tq), Kolar (D). The program was attended by Manager of Karnataka Grameena Bank Avani, Head Master of Govt Primary School Minijenahalli, and they shared their views regarding prevention of Covid-19.

Sewerage Cleaning and Storing Water

At Mininijenahalli, Kolar District, Karnataka which is an draught village. Where farmers are facing water crisis. Hence we made a channel that all used water directly flows to the pond in farm. Which will help the farmer to grow crops. As we made used/drainage water to flow without stopping that may helps in avoiding diseases caused by stagnant water. Also working towards Swatch Bbharat mission.

Agreement Signed on Bio sand Water filter Installation

Arohana signed agreement with CAN & Rotary Club Kolar, on installation of Bio Sand water filters at Government Lower Primary School and Higher Primary School. After this Arohana working on it and collected detailed information on drinking water facility, Sanitation, and hand wash from 27 schools in Kolar districts.

First Responder Training

Conducted by District Training Centre, Kolara , Karnataka (Nipuna Skill Lab Gauribidanur) at Kolar. From arohana side 9 youths were attended and trained on first aid at the time of Accidents, Heart attack, Fractures etc. All the attended persons were passed the training and obtained certificate.

Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi Celebration

Arohana collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra, Kolar celebrated youth day and Peace day at Govt PU College, Tekal, Malur. Discussed on Swami Vivekananda's contributions, Youths present mindset and requirements, and it was understood that young people should walk peacefully without resorting to violence.

Water Level Management

Water Management Program conducted on 07/01/2020 to O.Mitturu Grama Panchayat members and Water mans. Discussed on present situation on water level/ usage, Ground water level, rainfall. Made them understand the situation and informed on their duties and responsibilities for effective management by monitoring the usage, avoid the areas of water wastage. We committed in summer no person should affect by water scarcity.

Financial Literacy Awareness Programme

Arohana Grameenabhivruddi Samste in coordination with SEED organisations conducted Financial literacy awareness programme to various class students in Bangarpet and KGF Taluk, Kolar District. Programme is conducted from 04/11/2019 to 7/11/2019. Awareness programme conducted through PPT Presentation to more than 1800 students of 8 educational institution. Mainly awareness given on the concepts of Income, Expenses, Profit, Loan, Interest and provided information how to manage all the mentioned concepts. Students get trained on how to spend the amount and things to be considered before spending money to improve the savings.

Awareness program on the importance of Ward/Grama Sabha

Awareness program is conducted in three villages of O.Mitturu Gram panchayath, Mulabagilu Taluk. Citizens can make use of the facilities possible only in the Gram panchayath level. Hence it is important for citizens to participate in the Ward/Gram Sabha. Citizens of the ward/Grama must participate and discuss their needs and required facilities for village development and all decisions will take in Grama/Ward Sabha. Impact of Awareness program: Minijenahalli citizens submitted an application to Grampanchayat for the bus facility to the village, this decision is taken in Ward Sabha and they are successful in getting at least 1 bus facility for village.

Membership in CAN

CAN (Collective Action Network) formed by 14 NGOs in Kolar district. Arohana having membership in this network and regularly participating in meetings and discussing on the actions to be taken to effectively work towards the vision of the NGO’s. Arohana organization secretary Mrs.Asha is one of the Board Member in CAN.

Mid-Day meal evaluation in government schools

Mid-Day meal evaluation is done in 3 Higher Primary Schools and 2 High Schools in KGF Taluk, Kolar District by Arohana from 27/08/2019 to 09/09/2019. Evaluation is focused on School Documents, Kitchen, Vessels and groceries arrangements etc. Interacted and collected individual feedback from Head Masters, Cook, Students, and Parents.

World Breastfeeding Week program

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated with the coordination of Anganwadi centers of Avani Hobli, by providing awareness to 108 Pregnant and Lactating mothers of 5 Villages on the importance of breastfeeding and care-Nutrition of Child. Below are few points mainly conveyed: 1)Breastfeeding to a child within 30 minutes of birth. 2)A demo is shown to mothers how to breastfeed and frequency of breastfeeding. 3)Benefits to mothers from breastfeeding. 4)Food cycle for a child after 6 months of birth.

Training to Anganawadi workers on Children Care-Nutrition

Training was conducted to 28 Anganwadi workers which comes under Avani Primary Health Centre on 25/07/2019. Anganwadi facility is available to all children below 5 years old, pregnant and lactating mothers, Mothers and Adolescence girls. Hence training Anganwadi workers will effectively impact all those people who come under Anganwadis. Importantly trained on the ways to care-Nutrition of children in different stages starting from pregnancy till 5 years old. Children nurturing is affected not only by parents but also includes teachers, Relatives, Neighbours, etc. So, it is important to concentrate on each factor in children nurturing.

Awareness Program related to Women and Child trafficking

On the 12/07/2019 awareness program was conducted in O.Mitturu Gramapanchayath, Mulabagilu Taluk. In this program total 18 Gramapanchayath administrators, members and staff have participated. Awareness was regarding on Woman & Child trafficking, Sexual harassment with some real examples. As per Government orders every Grampanchayth’s must-have Women & Child Trafficking Preventing Committee. We conveyed them to take help of Women and Children Development departments to form the committees. Each committee should include School Head Master, Gramapanchayath President and members, PHC Doctor, NGO representatives and Supervisor of Women & Child departments.


Board Members

Smt. Shilpa


Smt. Asha S


Smt. B.P. Sharada








Smt.Khurshid Begum



Statutory Details

Arohana Grameenabhivruddi Samsthe is a registered organization with following certifications

  • 12A

  • 80G

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Account Number: 10527101077823

Bank: Karnataka Grameena Bank

Branch: Avani

IFSC Code: PKGB0010527


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